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How do I install LiiD?

Download LiiD for CRM on the App Store or Google Play. Start by picking your CRM.

If you choose Salesforce the next step is to connect LiiD to your CRM by entering your Salesforce credentials. If you use a custom domain, click on “Use Custom Domain” and fill in the URL for your Salesforce. Verify your account if asked to do so. If you use Dynamics you need to fill in the domain for your Dynamics as well as your username and password.

Next, link your email account to LiiD. If you already use a system for tracking emails to your CRM or you do not want to do this, click on “I don’t want to do this.” Pick your email provider and fill out the required information. After this, pick the folder where your received emails are (this is usually called Inbox) and the folder for your sent emails (this is usually called sent items/sent/sent mail.)

Why do I need to log in with my CRM credentials?

LiiD registers your calls and emails to your CRM and therefore needs to be connected to your CRM.

What data does LiiD track and where is it stored?

Regarding customer data, LiiD only saves the external ID’s that are needed to fetch the data at a later date for display in the app. For tracked activities, some identification information is saved. For example, received and sent emails and calls are saved and the time when an activity took place is saved. The information is stored in data centers in Europe. (If you don’t want the content of your emails to be stored, this can be changed in the settings of the app.)

Why do I need to allow location services for LiiD?

LiiD uses your location for more accurate data entry.

How many Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics accounts can I have in LiiD?

Only one at a time at the moment, however, this may change in future developments.

Will LiiD save my CRM contacts in my phonebook?

Your CRM contacts are not downloaded into your phonebook. Your CRM contacts are only saved to the LiiD app.

What do I do if I want to use LiiD but do not have Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics?

Please send us a message and we’ll let you know when we can have the app integrated to your CRM.

What is the “Blacklist?”

If you blacklist a contact, then all future calls and emails between you and that person will be completely ignored by LiiD. This means that no calls or emails between you and that person will be registered in your CRM.

You can remove a blacklisted contact by swiping left (iOS) or by tapping on the contact (Android).

What does “automatic opportunity” linking mean?

Automatic opportunity linking means that all calls and emails to a contact will be linked to the same opportunity, until the opportunity is closed or until you choose to detach the opportunity.

Does LiiD record phone calls?

We do not record phone calls, however, we track the duration, time and place of the calls as well as who called whom. After the call you can add notes by speech-to-text.

Can I change my “Calendar Source” later?

Yes, you can do so in your settings.

How do I change my Salesforce/Dynamics account?

You can make these changes in the settings tab.

Does LiiD support multi-factor authentication?

We support MFA currently for Salesforce and Gmail. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with MFA can be used by using application passwords. Support for stronger verification is underway.

Is LiiD compatible with my VPN?

Yes it is. If you experience problems, please contact us

Is LiiD compatible with Microsoft Dynamics on-premise?

Yes. If Microsoft Dynamics CRM is configured as Internet Facing Deployment with Active Directory Federation Services. Dynamics and ADFS need to be reachable from Internet. In cases where public visibility is not possible, we can provide static IPs that can be then whitelisted in your company firewall. In these cases, please contact us.


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