LiiD was created in 2014 with the purpose of providing salespeople with an all-in-one time-saving sales tool. We dreamed of making the elite salesperson – a more prepared, efficient and productive sales warrior. CRM’s are great and they serve as an important part of many companies, however, they all share one common problem which is a lack of data. Our solution was LiiD, a mobile application that automatically collects and logs all sales activities to your CRM, such as calls, emails and meetings.

In the beginning there were only three of us but now after some growth, our company has turned into a team consisting of seven “LiiD-ers.” We never imagined that LiiD would gain traction so quickly. After running for only two years, we are getting more than 20 new companies to install LiiD everyday and this year – we are looking to double that amount.

We’re ambitious. We know sales. We’re LiiD.


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We're a passionate group of people, striving to change how sales is done with one mobile application.


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