Analyze Your Sales Process

The first step toward change is awareness. If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, you need to understand what you are currently doing.

The Dashboard helps you identify exactly what your salespeople are doing exactly when their doing it.

  • Understand what your team is currently doing to hit pipeline goals
  • Monitor call volume needed to book a meeting or create an opportunity
  • Analyze how many new leads are created
  • Analyze how long your sales cycle is and which stage is your bottleneck

See your most important KPIs and metrics in a clear and straightforward visualization.


Develop Your Sales Process

Which Sales Director would not want to improve their sales process? The Dashboard will help you in building your conversion funnel and in achieving your goals. Easily visualize how many leads you need to contact, how many pickups you need to do or how many meetings you need to execute to reach the amount that you have set as a goal for the end of the week, month or quarter.

  • Measure lead response time
  • Assess email engagement
  • Assess opportunity-to-closed deal ratio
  • Track meeting-to-closed deal ratio
  • Measure pipeline size
  • Track how your team’s sales results trend over time
  • Understand regional or role-based differences
  • Identify trends in your most successful sales processes and in the opportunities you’ve lost

Identify which steps of the sales process are crucial and where your team could work more efficiently. Use the data to measure sales performance and improve compensation.

Understand Your Clients

Data shouldn’t only be used to analyze the sales process but also for understanding your customers. Analyze your best account managers and what they are doing to win clients over and over again.

Create Customer Retention plans and follow that account managers act according to these. Analyze that your biggest customer are getting the most attention and make sure you are spending time with all your clients.