Get a Snapshot View of Your Pipeline

Monitoring, tracking and prioritizing the deals in your pipeline is the core of great sales management. With the LiiD dashboard you’ll understand in a single glance what is the state of your pipeline today.

  • See which deals your team is working on, review opportunity history and what has been done towards a deal
  • Assess the quality of opportunities through our risk score
  • Identify deals that need immediate action and deals you are in risk of losing
  • Identify which reps need help with closing their deals and coach individual employees based on complete data on what is going on with their opportunities
  • Check which opportunities are being spent too much time on for little to no value gain

Analyze Your Pipeline

Understanding your team’s sales pipeline is a prerequisite for improving sales results. With the Dashboard you gain real-time insight into what is needed to improve your pipeline and your sales results.

  • Review the number of deals you have in your pipeline
  • Calculate the average deal size in your pipeline
  • Analyze how many deals you are likely to close in a specific time period
  • Compare the sales process for deals that you have won to those you have lost
  • Measure the average time it takes to close a deal and find out what you can do to speed up your sales cycle