Real-Time Reporting

Create reports based on real-time, accurate, data instantaneously. Get an overarching view of your sales performance, of your sales pipeline, of your customers’ buying patterns or sales trends.

Group employees into groups and compare teams, branches and regions to each other. You can choose among multiple ready-to-use reports or customize your own.

  • Measure activity performance
  • Analyze sales pipeline
  • Identify customer buying patterns
  • Examine sales trends

Know your data and know your team.


More Accurate Forecasts

Sales forecasting is crucial to business planning. The Dashboard will help you to create accurate sales forecasts by taking into account for example opportunity health scores, historical data on conversion rates or past forecast accuracy. See which cases are active, which opportunities are about to close and when an account have been last worked on in real-time.

  • Estimated close date
  • Likelihood to win a case
  • Sales reps’ historical performance
  • Health scores
  • Data on conversion rates
  • Past forecast accuracy

Automatic Reporting

Get automatic reports delivered straight to your e-mail with a summary of opportunities that are in need of attention, deals that your team is wasting time on and significant deviations in activity. Either on demand or at regular intervals.