How do I install LiiD?

Download LiiD for CRM on the App Store or Google Play. Start by picking your CRM.

If you choose Salesforce the next step is to connect LiiD to your CRM by entering your Salesforce credentials. If you use a custom domain, click on “Use Custom Domain” and fill in the URL for your Salesforce. Verify your account if asked to do so. If you use Dynamics you need to fill in the domain for your Dynamics as well as your username and password.

Next, link your email account to LiiD. If you already use a system for tracking emails to your CRM or you do not want to do this, click on “I don’t want to do this.” Pick your email provider and fill out the required information. After this, pick the folder where your received emails are (this is usually called Inbox) and the folder for your sent emails (this is usually called sent items/sent/sent mail.)