How to Connect Calendar and Register Meetings to CRM

Open the Events tab -> choose either your CRM calendar or your Phone calendar.

If you choose your CRM calendar, LiiD will show you all the meetings you have in your CRM. The meetings you create will appear in your CRM and when you add notes, the notes will be added to the correct event in your CRM.

If you choose your Phone calendar, you will be able to see all the meetings you have in your Phone calendar. The most common use case is to choose your Phone calendar and pick the calendar where you have your work related meetings in (for example your Outlook or Gmail calendar). This means that you can easily add a meeting from your email calendar to your CRM. To do so, swipe left and click “log to CRM.” If you have sent an email invitation to someone in your CRM, LiiD will automatically know under which lead/contact and account the event should be logged to.

To add notes after a meeting, swipe left again