Make Your Biggest Sales at the End of the Year

Date: December 8, 2016

Author: Maria Sundström

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Make Your Biggest Sales at the End of the Year


The holidays are coming so let’s end this year together with a bang! The end of the year is the best time for sales, which is why I’ve gathered some tips on how to get the most out of it.


  1. Go through all the meetings that you’ve had this year and identify the cases that you lost. Why didn’t the prospect buy? What were the obstacles? Has something changed on the prospect’s side or on your side that could make them buy your service now? Call them to see if they are ready to buy and even if they are not, you still might be able to get a meeting for January or February.
  1. Review all the cases that you’ve closed this year. Could they buy more or could another division or branch in the same organization have a use for your service? Or could the client benefit from another one of your products/services? Sometimes, upselling and selling more to existing clients is overlooked.
  1. Most people want to finish what they started within a certain time frame and the end of the year is perfect for this. As a salesperson, it is your duty to steer the prospect towards making a quick and informed decision and closing this deal now before later.
  1. In addition to the previous point, stress the benefits of closing this year to your prospect. Show them how great it would be to start a new year with your product and if they do buy now, they could have everything implemented by January.
  1. Offer your prospect flexible payments terms. Some clients may want to spend all of their 2016 budget, so it could be smarter for you to give your prospect the option of paying the whole sum this year and allocate the payment to this year’s budget. On the other hand, other clients might want to move all of their invoices to next year’s budget, so try to give them the option of having all of their invoices set for 2017. Being flexible in this area could really pay off.
  1. Have a clear strategy for going into all of your meetings before the year ends. If your prospects don’t have any reasons for buying immediately, make sure you communicate yours 🙂
  1. When you’re booking meetings, a lot of people will try to push their meetings to January. You don’t want this. You want a meeting this month, which is why you need a strategy already before dialing. Make sure you are able to tackle their objestions. It is important to note that the days between Christmas and New Years are often fairly quiet, so people that have not taken those days off will probably have time to meet.
  1. In B2B sales there is always room to negotiate a bit. If you give your prospect a better price, make sure you get your decision this year. Sometimes price is king and you have to keep that in mind when dealing with prospects that are price sensitive. However, if they want you to reduce the price and you agree to this, make sure you get a quick decision in return.
  1. Every meeting you have this month is important and you need to bring your A-Game. Come prepared, be focused and make sure you ask for business every time.


This is the time to close. December is the month to get new clients and make your biggest sales. Make sure you put the work in now before January comes and let’s go home with something to remember – 2016 isn’t over yet!