How to Get More Referrals and Increase Sales

Date: October 28, 2016

Author: Raphael Verma

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How to Get More Referrals and Increase Sales


In this blog we’re going to discuss three ways on how to get more referrals. However, before we do that, let’s define this topic and then move on to the good stuff.

A referral is a lead which you can get from an existing client of yours. Salespeople that actively look and ask for referrals earn four to five times more than salespeople that don’t ask. In addition, 91% of customers say that they would give referrals to salespeople and only 11% of salespeople actually ask for them. Furthermore, customers are four times more likely to make a purchase when they have been referred to a product/service by a friend.

So, if you have a number of clients that genuinely trust you and you haven’t asked for a referral yet – then you’re missing out. Big time.


  1. Be Bold and Just Ask

If you have satisfied customers that actually do trust you and are regular customers of yours, then step up and just ask them for a referral. Clients that are happy with your product or service will be more than happy to lend you a hand. You can ask them over the phone, by email or then face to face – it doesn’t really matter that much. However, you should most definitely make the referral process as easy and simple as possible.

For example, if you have a client that knows another company that could benefit from your product or service, let your client know that. Tell them how you could help this company and why. Moreover, make it a habit to ask for referrals from new clients and consider adding a referral form into your website.

Don’t let referrals stress you out – just ask!


  1. Offer Your Client an Incentive for Giving You a Referral

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. Why would anyone give you a referral? Maybe you have a friend that runs a business and wants to help you out by giving you a referral. Fair enough. Or then maybe you have a client that really does like your product/service and would have no problem with giving you a referral. Sure. Now, let’s say you’re about to close a deal with a new client and you want to ask for a referral but don’t know how to go about this.

Give them an incentive.

Tell them that if they refer you to another company after the first week of using your product/service, you will offer them a discount for the first month, first quarter, etc. The thing to take away from this is to remember to return the favor.

If you do get a referral from a client, don’t forget to show them that you are thankful for their help. This is so simple but so important. Send them a discount, take them out to lunch, give them a gift card, etc. Turn the referral process into a win-win situation for both sides.


  1. Give a Referral First Then Ask For One in Return

There’s not really much more to say about this last tip. If you offer someone else a referral, they will feel obligated to return the favor and owe you one. This is especially useful in sales. If you have a lot of connections and you can help someone else by offering a referral, then at a later point in time you can ask for a referral in return.

Give before you get. Sometimes it can be that simple.