Hi Friends, It’s Been a While.

Date: September 30, 2016

Author: Raphael Verma

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Hi Friends, It’s Been a While.

I apologize for our absence, however, recently we have had a lot on our plates. When I last spoke to you, we were a team of four and closing in on our investment round. Since then we have done some growing, financially and structurally. Thanks to the help of our angel investors, we were able to close a seed round of 250.000€ and relocate to a larger office space in Marian Sairaala (the heart of startups in Helsinki). In addition, we have been doing some recruiting and now our family has grown by two members, making Liid a team of seven.

Liid really is taking the CRM world by storm, like we said we would. We just launched our new website designed by BoonCon and next week we will be attending Dreamforce. With the help of BoonCon, we were able to find ourselves and realize what we truly stand for and we believe our new logo and online platform will showcase the true essence of Liid.

Our vision is clear – we want to make the best salespeople in the world. Good salespeople have good sales tools, which is why we made Liid – a mobile application containing the best sales tools for the best salespeople. We want salespeople to spend less time updating their CRM’s and spend more time on selling. Liid is just the beginning, who knows how far we will go in the years to come.

Thank you all for your continued support and if you’re attending Dreamforce, feel free to stop by our stand (#1859) and say hi!